Diamond Cave

The mountain is full of diamonds!
Players act as miners and dig long tunnels into the mountain.
Start digging your tunnel to take diamonds!
Tunnels with torch illuminate a longer portion of the digging. Dark tunnels stop you.
If you block other players' tunnels, they lose diamonds and will have to begin new tunnels...
...and you will gain more diamonds!!!
Keep in mind the type of tunnels found under the mountain, and you will reach the diamonds faster than others.
If you don't want to risk too much, you can choose a less risky path, but you will dig slowly...
The digging ends when there are no more diamonds. Who gained more diamonds? Whose is the longest tunnel? Whose is the darkest tunnel?

Game Designed by: Riccardo Foches
Published by: The Game Crafter
Year Published: 2009
Download the Diamond Cave Rules.

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